Pearly Gate Baptist Church was organized on December 17, 1981. After the organization, Rev. Thomas J. Payne was voted to Pastor. The original congregation consisted of five charter members, meeting at Mount Tabor Baptist Church, where the church opened the invitation of discipleship and 21 members united. Sis. Geraldine Payne organized the women’s Mission Group and became active in the Singing Hills community, also organizing our first choir and was the piano player for the Mission Choir and the Little Angels. Choir rehearsals were held at the Pastor and wife home on many occasions.

The church first official worship service was held on Sunday, January 3, 1982, in the YMCA located on Hampton Road in Dallas, Texas. There was a total of 4 deacons. On March 16, 1982, the church purchased 3 acres of land at 6103 Houston School Road. On January 12, 1983, the church purchased 3 additional acres of land.

In 1986, the church voted to build a new sanctuary. The new building consisted of a fellowship hall, office space, and classrooms. This facility was completed in 1990. The T. J. Payne Family Life Center was dedicated in honor of our Senior Pastor in 2001. This 14,000 square feet structure is well equipped for multi-functions. Pastor Payne’s vision of this center aided in the addition of the Gateway Charter School, established in 2001 by Dr. R. L. Moore. Upon the recommendation of Pastor Thomas Payne, Rev. R. L. Moore was accepted by the church in May of 2000 as the Pastor of the Pearly Gate Baptist Church. Our beloved late first lady, Sis. Geraldine Payne, was instrumental in the start-up operation of Gateway Charter School. The Scholarship Fund is dedicated in honor of our beloved late First Lady as Well.

Pearly Gate Baptist Church has been blessed with excellent leadership under Dr. Thomas J. Payne. The church has begun several new ministries and developed programs including workshops, recreation, bible study and an outreach ministry.

In 2006, Pearly Gate Baptist Church purchased 2 acres at the address of 6021 Houston School Rd. In July 2008, we open another chapter of our church history and marked the completion of the new sanctuary and worship facility. Under the guidance of Pastor and founder Thomas J. Payne, Dr. Robbie L. Moore, Gateway Charter Academy started with 97 students to now over 800 students, property totaling assets of over $23 million dollars including Pearly Gate’s new sanctuary and worship facility, Gateway Charter Academy’s new high school, track and football field. Pearly Gate and Gateway has a great partnership within its leadership from Dr. Thomas J. Payne, grandfather and Dr. Robbie L. Moore, grandson.

Church Policy Manual